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Linda Ferguson

I am working at my desk during lunch, and have one of my Kara Lynn’s Good 2 Go Healthy meals while I work.

This one is Flank Steak Entree Salad with asparagus, artichoke hearts & kalamata olives over mixed green with sherry balsamic vinaigrette.


Kudos to Chef Julie for making eating clean & healthy such an enjoyable experience. Everything I have is fresh, nicely prepared and delicious. And for a subscription meal plan, that is saying a lot.

Thank you!!


I have an update for you’all. I have been using KaraLynn’s kitchen for all of my meals on their Good to Go program for over two years now. The only time I don’t eat KaraLynn’s delicious food is when I am out of town. Then I text her that I am arriving back to CW on X day and tell her to start me up again.

I have to tell you that I have not been sick once since I have dedicated myself to eating healthy clean meat and poultry and fish and fresh organic vegetables and delicious salads. The quality of Kara Lynn’s kitchen food is so high that it’s life and health giving. There is this magazine circulating called Prevention. It’s all about common sense in diet. I know that because I chose such high quality food that I prevented any physical illness or troubles from getting near me these past 2 moths.

Oh and I also lost 15 pounds. 🙂 without even exercising, just eating at KaraLynns on the Good to Go program.

The only thing better then her outstanding meals is the friendly personalized service that is part of the KaraLynn Kitchen Brand.

I am going away for a few months to N. Michigan now and I will be looking for a service up there. I already know that even if I find a good one, it will not hold a candle to KaraLynns’ Kitchen in terms of quality and service.

See you when I get back to restart!