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About Us

In March of 2014, my daughter called me desperate for help with migraine headaches that had put her in the hospital twice in the last 6 months. Jessica had suffered with migraines most of her life.  She had experienced some success going gluten-free, but the migraines would still come in spite of her diligent control of her diet. I had just purchased Mickey Trescott’sThe Autoimmune Paleo Cookbookand decided to test it out on Jessica.  Twice a week I would prepare her meals following the AIP guidelines: no grains, no legumes, no eggs, no dairy, no nightshade vegetables, and no nuts or seeds.  Instead of ordering out for lunch, Jessica would bring her mom-packed meals to work 

For five weeks Jessica was headache free, lost weight, experienced an increase in energy and slept better at night. Then one day she forgot her food at home. Thinking she had handled her migraines, she stopped to get an egg-croissant sandwich containing wheat, eggs and dairy… and that night she wound up in the emergency room in excruciating pain with a full blown migraine.   Having removed the foods that were creating her migraines, all it took was one meal containing non-AIP ingredients to put her back in the painful condition she had successfully handled.

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Jessica’s improved health was so apparent; many of her friends and co-workers started asking her how they could get the same mom-packed meals she was eating. Soon I was overwhelmed with orders for meals. Unable to meet the demands in my small condo kitchen, I began looking for a commercial kitchen. In July of 2014, we found a location in downtown Clearwater and thus began Kara Lynn’s Kitchen and the Good2Go weekly meal plan.

Our Team